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Life is a series of moments all melded together. As individuals, we are offered each moment as an opportunity to rise higher. Some moments are seized in that mindset to create something greater and some are used for something lesser. The point is that each moment is a gift yet most don’t really see it that way. They see the moments as a way to simply mark time until the next thing happens to them or an opportunity for action appears. If living from a higher conscious perspective is desired, then one must fully own that each moment is an uniquely divine moment in time to express themselves in a way that lifts them consciously higher.

If one truly realized how many “once in a lifetime” things are experienced every day, one would truly live differently. Knowing that no two clouds are the same, would you look at the sky more and know that what you are witnessing would never be seen again…ever? Would understanding that every living thing is in a constant state of its own life cycle make you stop and truly look at that person for the Picasso they are expressing in that moment yet never to be seen again? Fully embracing the magnificence of life that is always in a state of expressing itself is an opportunity we are given over and over each day.

Therefore, knowing that each moment is an unprecedented opportunity, what would you do moving forward? How would you use it for your good or for the good of another? Take a moment today to see yourself in a new way. What are you capable of that you have yet to experience? What have you felt a yearning to do that you have yet to do? What idea have you been wanting to bring to fruition? Look around you. Everything you experience was once a thought that got enough energy behind it, found its moment and moved into becoming a reality. Your thought is no different.

Use your moments wisely to enrich not only your life but other’s lives as well. It might be a thought that comes to tell someone how much you appreciate them or an idea on how to make the world or yourself better. It is your unique thought and only you can seize it!

Know that each moment is a gift.

Give it life.

Embrace it fully…now!!


the LOVE affect

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