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Just Be

Just be.

For years this one statement drove me bonkers. How can anyone just be and why would you want to anyways? The world I grew up in did not seem to value “just being”. It was a world of good enough never is, multi-tasking and high competition. Judgment was the rule of the day and dictated how I operated most of the time. What would people think? was a common every day prevailing thought. I had to be the best, get it done the fastest and still be likable…every day. It allowed for no time to “just be” plus I saw absolutely no value in the concept. Yet, it still intrigued me.

After decades of living that daily grind, I started wondering if there actually was some value to the “just being” concept. More people were joining the conscious movement to a higher sense of well-being through yoga, meditation and mindful living and the value proposition around it started to shift for me. What drove me even further was a deeper desire to having a spiritual foundation from which to live my life. Something constant that I could turn to at all times for comfort, assurance and guidance. Embarking on this journey meant deep self-reflection and actually slowing down.

The past three years have been very focused on the slowing down concept and diving deep into understanding who I really am from all aspects. I know all the discoveries I have made would have not been possible without pumping the brakes and sometimes slamming them. As I began to embrace the slowing down process, I started making some real shifts in my life. My stress level decreased and creativity and joy increased. The things I valued started to shift as well. I become focused on my well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually. Studying topics to enhance my self mastery became the rule of the day such as spiritual philosophy, metaphysics and meditation. Getting to know myself at a much deeper level was a top priority. The “just be” concept evolved into the way I began to live my life and its rewards acclimated my thought process to a whole new level.

Now every day, I spend time in meditation sometimes contemplating key thoughts on my mind awaiting an answer or just being. I have learned so much from sitting still and listening be it in a meditative state or conversation with another person. The answers to so many things that perplex us are within us. By mastering the art of just being, a person can unlock so many of their personal mysteries and life purpose questions. It is as simple (or difficult) as you make it. Sometimes I sit in silence and other times I lay down and listen to some soothing meditation music, or sometimes I do a shamanic journey. It all depends on my mood, the environment, and what I’m seeking to experience.

As a life coach, I invite clients to start with just sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes when you can shut out the rest of the world and just be with yourself. Take long deep breaths and notice how your body and mind react. In the beginning, it is best to focus on your breath as it will help release the thoughts swirling in your mind and get your body into a more relaxed state. Keep practicing and over time you will start sitting longer and clearing your thoughts faster. Meditation classes such as Transcendental Meditation or gong meditation are a great place to go deeper with your practice and meet people that are seeking a more centered life as well.

Just be.

It will change your life.


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