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what is Psychedelic integration?

In today's world, many individuals are turning to psychedelics, often referred to as plant medicine, as a potential means to enhance their lives. Whether you're contemplating your first psychedelic journey or have experienced psychedelic revelations that left you with more questions than answers, it's crucial to consider the profound impact of psychedelic integration.

Psychedelic integration serves as the vital bridge between the psychedelic experience itself and the creation of profound, life-altering transformations. While psychedelics can catalyze remarkable shifts in one's life, they may also bring about confusion, frustration, or even trauma. These experiences can leave you pondering their meaning for days, months, or even years, potentially impeding the healing benefits they offer.

Psychedelic integration coaching is designed to provide you with invaluable guidance, including:

Embodiment of Insights

Helping you integrate the profound insights gained during your psychedelic journey into your daily life.

Transforming Insights into Reality

Assisting you in translating these insights into tangible, real-life changes.

Addressing Trauma

Supporting you in addressing and healing any trauma that may have surfaced during your psychedelic experience.

Establishing New Behaviors

Guiding you in adopting new behaviors and ways of being that align with the transformative shifts experienced during your journey.

Psychedelics like Ayahuasca, Iboga, Kambo, and Psilocybin have the unique ability to promote neuroplasticity in the brain, opening a window of opportunity for embracing new ideas and concepts. It is during these "halo" moments that rewiring past traumatic events and shedding limiting beliefs can occur. Having an integration coach at this crucial post-psychedelic juncture can maximize your potential for healing benefits.

It's important to recognize that becoming a new version of yourself is a gradual process. Just as the person you are today evolved over time, so does the reconstruction of your self. Granting yourself the space, time, and support necessary is paramount in truly embodying a fresh way of being in the world.

Unlock the full potential of your psychedelic experiences through thoughtful integration, and embark on a transformative journey toward a more vibrant and authentic you.

“The deepest psychological and spiritual dynamics potentially brought to our awareness during the ceremony require guidance, both before and after, for their full integration. 

Even participants who have lovely experiences may not derive the complete benefit without some guidance and help with interpretation.”  

Dr. Gabor Maté



The journey of psychedelic integration begins well before you embark on your actual psychedelic experience. An integration coach plays a pivotal role in shepherding you through every phase of this transformative odyssey—before, during, and after the journey—to ensure you're thoroughly prepared and supported at every turn.

Our integration coaching process unfolds in three distinct phases:


  • We'll delve into a comprehensive understanding of your chosen psychedelic substance and how it interacts with your body.

  • Together, we'll explore potential experiences that might arise during your journey.

  • We'll carefully examine your current mindset, or what is often referred to as "set and setting."

  • We'll collaborate to establish clear agreements and intentions, ensuring you're aligned with your goals for the experience.

  • We'll delve into dietary considerations and any pharmaceutical contraindications associated with your chosen psychedelic.


  • You'll gain essential self-regulation tools to maintain grounding and centeredness during the psychedelic journey.

  • We'll discuss strategies for navigating the ceremonial space, enhancing the vital "set and setting" aspect of your experience.


  • In this crucial phase, we'll merge the profound teachings and insights from your psychedelic journey into your everyday life.

  • We'll guide you in processing and resolving deep-seated hurts and traumas that may have surfaced during your journey.

  • Together, we'll forge pathways for transformation in critical areas of life, including identity, purpose, and self-awareness.

Our holistic approach to psychedelic integration ensures that you're fully prepared for the journey, adeptly guided throughout the experience, and supported as you incorporate the wisdom and transformation gained into your daily existence. This comprehensive process is a testament to our commitment to your holistic well-being and growth.

What to expect?
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what are the benefits?

Psychedelic integration coaching offers a wealth of benefits, including:


Transformation of Intentions

Transform your intentions into actionable steps that lead to substantial, positive life changes.

Enhanced Awareness

Increase your awareness of the profound healing potential inherent in psychedelic experiences and the essential work needed for post-experience growth.

Deeper Understanding

Cultivate a more profound understanding of the peak psychedelic experiences, allowing you to derive greater insights and wisdom from them.

Troubling Experience Resolution 

Gain a structured process to unpack and transmute troubling psychedelic experiences into transformative understandings that foster growth and healing.

Co-Creative Support 

Access a co-creative partner who provides unwavering support and helps build a secure container for transformative healing to manifest in your life through the utilization of psychedelics.


Psychedelic integration coaching empowers you to harness the full potential of your psychedelic journeys, fostering deep healing, personal growth, and lasting positive change in your life.

Psychedelic integration can be invaluable for individuals who:

Seek Holistic Mental Health Solutions 

Those exploring alternative, holistic forms of therapy for mental health concerns and are curious about the potential benefits of psychedelics.


Post-Psychedelic Distress 

Individuals who find themselves confused, anxious, depressed, or in emotional distress after a psychedelic experience and are uncertain about their next steps.


Psychedelic Novices 

Those new to psychedelics, seeking guidance on options, the journey process, preparation, and post-experience integration.


Trauma Healing 

Individuals looking to address and heal past traumas through the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.


Therapist Search 

Those struggling to find a therapist or counselor with a deep understanding of the psychedelic experience and its nuances.


Exploration Beyond Limits 

Individuals who have reached a plateau in their psychedelic work and are eager to explore new depths and heights.


Guidance and Tools

 Those in need of insights, tools, and best practices to navigate and optimize their psychedelic experiences for personal growth and transformation.

Psychedelic integration offers a supportive and structured approach for individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, facilitating healing, self-discovery, and personal growth.

Who's interested???

It would be our privilege to accompany you on your medicine journey, whether through our integration coaching or trip-sitting services. We deeply understand the significance of having a trusted companion by your side to skillfully guide you through the psychedelic experience, ensuring that you receive the utmost healing and transformative benefits. Your well-being and growth are at the heart of our commitment.

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