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growing into change

Change is undoubtedly constant. It is futile to resist yet most of our fear is steep in change. If change is inevitable (and let’s face it we all know that it is), what would actually happen if we started embracing it more than fearing it?

I believe, especially with my work as a transformational life coach, that at all times the Universe is operating for my good. With that mentality, common sense would dictate that I view change at all times as positive therefore nothing to fear. Where I have gotten tripped up is not on the fact that the change is for my good, it has been many times not feeling good enough for the change that is seeking to express. That one can be a real beast to battle and has caused some really dark moments for me.

In learning how to dance with these emotions, I started embracing the concept of setting intentions. What do I really want? I began to realize that manifesting what I wanted would require something to change or shift in order for it to actually manifest. That meant that I was the creator of the change I feared. What? Wait a minute. I was actually the creator of the change I feared? Well if that was the truth of the matter then why was I in fear state? Bam! Right back to my sense of value. You see I did want more for myself but it wasn’t mirroring my mental equivalent of what I felt I deserved.

When seeking to grow and transform yourself, it is vital to know what you want, why you want it and that you deserve to have it. The process of setting intentions can allow you to get to know yourself at a much deeper level. Many people create vision boards of their intented desires but unless that vision board has a solid basis of understanding that the vision is fully supported in the trust and knowing that it is attainable and deserved then it is destined to fail or have a very challenging time manifesting. Doing inner work is necessary in order to transform into a better state of being. You must know that not only are your desires/intentions of high value to you but you yourself are of supreme value. Uniting your desired, deserved intentions with the change necessary for it to occur will build for you a solid foundation for it to manifest. Layering gratitude on top of that for every achieved step closer to the intention manifesting will only add fuel to the fire.

Yes change is inevitable and it is leading you to something greater. Often greater than you could have imagined. Knowing your worth and being clear on your intentions will warrant a more well-intended life full of things you truly want.

Worthy = You

Inevitable = Change

Transformation = You + Change


the Love affect

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