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Optimal Well-Being Offerings

Top trending wellness modalities that assist in reducing stress and anxiety and promoting healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Holographic Sound Healing

Sound healings and reiki are top trending wellness modalities due to their ability to reduce stress and anxiety and promote healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Both therapies work to move healthy energy ( aka life force) through the the body. Holographic Sound healings utilize multiple instruments (crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles, etc), music, and even the voice to effectively move block or stuck energies while reiki is done with gentle hand movements over the body. When the two are combined, it can be a powerful healing opportunity.

Conditions that benefit from energy work

Anxiety disorders


Sleep disorders


Chronic pain


potential positive outcomes from energy work

Reduced stress

Improved sleep

Lower blood pressure 

Improved circulation

Enhanced emotional well-being

Strengthen immune system

Better pain management

Increase relaxation

Show your SELF some lovin' !

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Minal P.

“I had never done a sound healing session prior to my time with Chuck so didn’t know what to expect.  Went in with an open mind & open heart. WOW….dare is say it again WOW!! GAME CHANGER!!  We started with a brief chat, Chuck immediately made me feel as ease.  He was so comforting and asked all the right questions. I trusted him to work his magic and boy did he work his magic. Modern therapy at its best.  I left feeling rejuvenated and more centered then I’ve ever felt.  It was a soulful experience with the sounds and vibrations of the bowl and soothing music, allowing me to go into a deep meditation.  I highly recommended it! Added bonus, his meditation room!! I’ve never see anything like it."

Alva B.

"A sound healing session w/Chuck is a timeless and priceless gift. I say that because my energy shifts, clears and transmutes during my sessions. I experience the benefits of being more open to life, more loving to self and others and more in tune with my true self long after the session ends. I live in person session is the best because  Chuck is such a beautiful soul to be in the presence of, however, his proxy or audio sessions are equally as powerful. Don’t take my word for it. Gift yourself a session and come know your beautiful self like never before! "

Dawn P.

"What do you get when you cross Coyote, some Ascended Masters and Blue Deities?

Enter Chuck … 

  • He is a bridge from here to there

  • His unique and intuitive line of inquiry invokes & invites our inner wisdom to rise up and participate in our ascension

  • He directs our awareness to patterns in our words & environment that tell bigger stories about ourselves

  • He sees/hears/feels our points of resistance and gently guides us to push past the discomfort into the realm of possibility

  • His command of sound and vibration thru his voice & crystal bowls is truly transformative

  • His techniques reach us on a cellular level and encourage our energy fields to resonate in sympathetic harmony with source energy


This is higher level work that generates a better state of being!!

Thank you, Brother, for taking your place among the ranks of light workers.  We are blessed by your willingness to serve at this level."

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