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Guiding you home
to Self & Love.


Love is the ultimate healer.

The Love Affect is a healing-based service company that is dedicated to guiding individuals out of their darkness and transforming them back to their truest nature of light and love. We offer many paths to your healing journey including transformational life coaching, sound & energy work for self and home, and psychedelic integration coaching.

Our mission is to guide you to love yourself no matter what

and then take that love out into the world to positively affect others. 

Live a life where you feel inspired, motivated, confident...and loved!


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Life Coaching

Healing through collaborative dialogue focused on breaking down barriers of negative, limiting beliefs and patterns while establishing healthy thought patterns to help you live a more grounded and purposeful life.

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Sound & Energy
for Self & Home

Healing comes in many ways. Creating a space inside and outside the body that supports your transformation is key. Sound and energy are great ways to bring your body and home into harmonic balance.  


Integration Coaching

Psychedelics are gaining mainstream popularity as a new healing modality known to be beneficial for mental conditions. Integration helps ensure you get the most of this therapeutic treatment.

"Conscious love is where you have found that place of love in yourself and you become it.  And you are a statement of that love."

                                                                                                                Ram Dass


About me & the work

Chuck Roundtree, Founder

a bridge between where you are & where you want to be

Life presents us with many obstacles to maneuver and overcome. The challenges start to subside when we can find the lessons hidden within each one. Allowing yourself the gift of support during the processing can heighten your awareness and acclimate the healing process and bring a more peaceful state quicker.
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How I Can Be of  Service